Cocosquare is a Co-creation marketing platform that allows you to conduct MROC(Marketing Research Online Community), qualitative research, and quantitative research by means of its discussion and survey functions. Moreover, Cocosquare improves user engagement by supporting long-term discussions that build relationship and mutual understanding between your brand and customers.

Engage Manager

Engage Manager is an integrated social media management tool that simplifies the management of social media accounts. With Engage Manager, you can manage various social media accounts in one place and get support for tasks ranging from daily operations to strategic decision making.

Boom Research

Boom Research is an analytical tool that helps you to collect and analyze word-of-mouth data across various platforms such as Blogs, Twitter, and Q&A sites in Japan. With Boom Research, anyone can easily make professional reports that support various departments such as marketing, advertising, and public relations in terms of managing risk and measuring campaign effectiveness.